Now selling on Saturdays! - come see me at the Fort Walton Fairgrounds Farmers Market soon!

Spread happiness

Don't miss out on showing someone how much you care. Are you lacking enough time and energy for giving a quick, convenient and very thoughtful, tasty gift?

customization and convenience

Let us create a personal, customized experience for any event or special occasion that you're needing help with!

Everything you need to make them feel special

When you send a Sugar Spice Nice box to a loved one, they get a small box that has a beautiful, heartfelt note inside showing your love for them. When they go to open it, they see three beautifully crafted cookies. It might be a surprise, or a thank you, or a congratulations message. When they taste the cookies, our hope is that they are as delightfully delicious as they look. Delivered quickly so they're fresh!


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